To all my volunteers

I just want to say you drive me forward. I do what I do because of you. Your loyalty, your support and the satisfaction of working with you keeps me going more than the end result. I am immensely proud of what we achieve. Sometimes it feels that there is so much left undone but if you look at where we are now, you can see how far we have come. So thank you to all of you. Thank you for your commitment and dedication. I would be nowhere without you.


If you are one of my volunteers (or if this strikes a chord anyway) please leave a comment below.

2 thoughts on “To all my volunteers

  1. Linda, I just saw this, and I feel I should be the one thanking you! You’re the one who makes things happen, and provides the opportunities for such great experiences. I’ve learnt so much through my volunteering and the Running Club has progressed so much in the past year, not to mention your other successes. So, thank you, for providing us with the opportunity to achieve so much!

    • Thank you Anna. With so much and so varied volunteering done so young, you should have a great path ahead of you. Wherever it takes you, I hope it brings you immense satisfaction and contentment. See you in Scotland in 2015 🙂 Linda

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